"The audience listened
with enthusiasm to her ringing
and strongly expressive voice."


“The audience in the Rokokosaal of the kreismuseum listened with enthusiasm to her ringing and strongly expressive voice. She offered a stylish performance of extraordinary vocal control.. She mastered difficult passages as in Alybieff’’s “Salaway” or in Mozart’s “Die Zauberflöte”, as if they were routine for her and was rewarded with bursts of unexpected applause during those pieces. She impressively, clearly and exactly placed her voice, this brought her audience into storms of enthusiasm.”

Leif KrampCritic/Lübecker Nachtrichten, Lubeck, Deutschland

“Tormela held her own, in her big scene, her urgent phrasing conveyed Mamette’s passionate nature.”

Fred CohnOpera News Magazine

“She negotiates the upper reaches (of her voice) with dazzling security.”

David SyrusHead of Music, Royal Opera House, Convent Garden, London, Great Britain

“The star of the afternoon was Anne Tormela, she played the heroine Amina with thespian grace and penetrating vocal beauty.Her quality in the upper register of her voice was ravishing…shades of Roberta Peters and Anna Moffo in this lovely artist.”  2012

“The finest vocal quality among the young singers came from Anne Tormela whose singing of “Quando rapito” was memorable.”  2011

“Anne Tormela was lovely as Lauretta, singing and acting with the grace and vocal charm of the American Metropolitan soprano Nadine Conner. And, of course, she sang the aria “O Mio Babbino Caro” perfectly.”  2009

“Anne Tormela was just about perfect in her beautifully sung “Sul fil d’un soffio” aria of Nanetta.”  2007

John Paul KeelerHudson-Catskill Newspapers, New York

“Anne Tormela musically has more to say. Her rendition of Wolf’s “Auch kleine Dinge” was touching.”

Wolfgang KremsCritic/Mindener Museum, Minden, Deutschland

“There is no doubt in my mind (she) is a first class artist and would make an outstanding contribution in any role in which she is cast.”

Maestro William WeibelArtistic Director, Opera in the Heights

“Much of the singing was firs-rate, especially by soprano Anne Tormela in the stratospheric assignment of Zerbinetta.”

Bill ZakariasenCritic/The Westsider, New York, NY

“I along with others heard the lovely voice of Anne Tormela. She brought each selection to life with her personality and expression..”

Tim MoriartyCritic/The News Press, Ft. Myers, FL

“A committed actress, she is engaged in the drama at all times. Her voice is of a great quality and beauty, and has immense potential.”

Marko LámpasArtistic Director, Genesis Opera, New York, NY

“Ms. Tormela has a powerful voice.”

Ed Craig Associate Editor (City Journal), New York, NY

“I was impressed by her secure technique, her unfailing intonation and expression, and not least by her clear and sensitive text. It was a delight listening to her and watching her.”

Ulrik ColdBass/Baritone, Royal Danish Opera, Copenhagen, Denmark